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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual
Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual

Venezuela Flag


Venezuela Flag

  • A super economical... yet well-detailed… Venezuelan flag that’s suitable for displays, classrooms, and flying.
  • Enjoy the bold true colors, with a long-lasting dye-sublimated process that gives you years of service. 
  • Lightweight yet durable polyester makes these flags an easy investment for anyone!

The history

Venezuela began flying flags from regions of Spain in the 16th century. As its struggle to gain independence from Spain gained steam in the late 18th Century, a flag consisting of white, yellow, blue and red was considered.

In 1801, leader Francisco de Miranda wavered on a black, red and yellow flag and a red, yellow and blue one.

Upon attaining independence in 1811, they took up the yellow, blue and red stripes again, although in unequal sizes. This contained a canton in the corner depicting a female native holding a lance with a Phrygian cap while looking at a sunset.

Official independence as part of Gran Colombia came in 1820. And Venezuela’s separation from Colombia in 1830 led to versions more closely related to today with equal horizontal stripes.

Yellow embodies the wealth of the region; blue represents courage, loyalty, justice, perseverance and the separation from Spain by a blue ocean; Red symbolizes independence from Spain and the bloodshed by those who fought for it.

There is an arc of eight white pointed stars centered in the blue band. Initially, seven stars were added to represent the seven regions that signed for independence. The eighth star represents national hero Simon Bolivar.

The National Coat of Arms resides in the upper left corner. The shield is split between the colors of the national flag. The red bearing a wheat image for the union of 1836 and the wealth of the nation. 

The Venezuela Flag for sale here at The Flag Store is available RIGHT NOW (supplies often limited) in our simplest material: POLYESTER. - Allowing you to purchase several flags, at one affordable price, and set up the wall display or multi-flag installment that’s perfect for your home, school, or business. 

The simple poly material, that’s known for its durability and wind-tolerance, gets you a great service life, and lets you buy a Venezuelan Flag that’s perfect for display purposes, and VERY affordable. 

Purchase your Flag of Venezuela at The Flag Store Today, and enjoy an incredible price… along with our total guarantee! 



  • Header tape and 2 metal grommets will keep your flag flying high in any weather
  • Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors that will last
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. 
  • Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge for added stability
  • Hook it to a wall, mount it on a pole, or wave it wildly above your head! 


  • Four rows of sturdy stitching on flying edge of flag
  • Proudly fly your flag indoors, or outdoors for the world to see!
  • Bold colors demand attention for you flag
  • This flag has 2 brass grommets for easy display
  • Durable 210D Oxford, most commonly known as Nylon
  • These are top quality 210D Oxford Poly are more durable than most nylon flags and made to sustain frequent flying