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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US

US Flag



- Get the best INDOOR or OUTDOOR US flag that’s all business and no hype. This is a high quality flag at a great price that was extensively sourced by Flag Store.

- Enjoy the bold true colors, with a long-lasting dying process that gives you years of service.

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The History:

Through almost 250 years of “new world” history… the American Flag has remained an adaptable and powerful symbol of our unique nation…

First designed and created (as the legend says) by Betsy Ross when the colonies were in the grips of the revolutionary war… the iconic “Stars and Stripes” subtly tells the story of a growing and united country.

Originally containing 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the first thirteen states… over the years, as the nation grew, so did the flag. - Now, a full fifty stars represent each state in the union, while the original 13 stripes remain the same and harken back to the dawn of the country.

The colors chosen by the founding Fathers represent: Loyalty (blue), Courage (red), and Purity (white). - And the unique design has become instantly recognizable worldwide as a symbol of democracy and freedom.

Our 3 x 5ft embroidered United States Flag is a great quality product you can buy if you’re looking for a long-lasting outdoor-use flag.

Purchase a simple American flag, that’s properly-built where it matters most. - Everything you need for an everyday flyer! 

US Flag Facts

1. Established June 14, 1777

2. There's a mystery as to who first created the US flag

3. The name Old Glory comes from sea captain William Driver of Massachusetts who named his massive flag after it survived multiple attempts to deface it during the Civil War.