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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual
Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual

Pennsylvania Flag


Pennsylvania Flag


  • Enjoy a high-quality Pennsylvania State Flag, with embroidered details that really show on both the flagpole and the wall!
  • Get the classic look and feel you want, with modern materials that are built to last! 
  • Celebrate Pennsylvania Pride, and fly the flag to show it! 

A little history

From Philadelphia, the epicenter of leadership during the American Revolution, to the Three Rivers region in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has long played a major role in the shaping of the Colonies and the United States.

The flag you see today was first authorized by the General Assembly in 1799... It featured the State Coat of Arms on a field of blue... The State Motto "Virtue, Liberty, Independence" is marked on a ribbon near the bottom of the flag.

The Coat of Arms -- originally that of the William Penn family -- features a shield capped by an American bald eagle... That is surrounded on each side by horses and decorated with a ship carrying commerce, a clay-red plow and three golden sheaves of wheat to represent the state's resources... An olive branch (peace) and cornstalk (prosperity) cross limbs underneath.

A law was later passed on June 13, 1907, modernizing and standardizing and the flag. The law required that the field match the blue of the United States flag... In 2007, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed legislation adding Pennsylvania to the bottom of the flag in gold letters.

The Flag of Pennsylvania for sale here at The Flag Store is available RIGHT NOW (supplies often limited) at one affordable price, allowing you to purchase several flags and set up the wall display or multi-flag installment that’s perfect for your home, school, or business. 

The simple poly material, that’s known for its durability and wind-tolerance, gets you a great service life, and lets you buy a Pennsylvania Flag that’s perfect for display purposes, and VERY affordable. 

Purchase your Pennsylvania Flag at The Flag Store Today, and enjoy an incredible price… along with our total guarantee!  Enjoy!

  • Header tape and 2 metal grommets will keep your flag flying high in any weather
  • Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors that will last
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. 
  • Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge for added stability
  • Hook it to a wall, mount it on a pole, or wave it wildly above your head!