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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual

Oregon Flag

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  • Purchase a Oregon State Flag, that’s done right and made for the ages!
  • Celebrate the end of The Oregon Trail and the pride that it’s come to represent! 
  • Get a Flag that looks great on the wall, where you can SEE the details, and equally good on the flagpole! 

A little history

For all its beautiful coastline and natural wonders like the world's biggest mushroom, another distinct feature of the state is that its flag is the only state flag with different images on each side of the flag.

Adopted in 1925 with a navy blue field and gold lettering and symbols, the face of the flag features parts of the State Seal with the legend "STATE OF OREGON" in gold above and the year "1859" in gold below to represent the year it became a member of the United States.

On the shield take from the State Seal, are mountains and forests, an elk with antlers, a covered wagon and ox team, the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, a departing British man-of-war ship and an arriving American merchant ship. The shield is supported by 33 stars, emblematic of Oregon being the 33rd state.

The reverse side of the flag features a gold beaver (the State Animal). The beaver was largely responsible for the early American settlement in the area as it attracted traders, trappers and more to the industry.

Navy blue and gold would become the state's official colors in 1959, with the blue representing Oregon's piety and sincerity while the gold embodies honor and loyalty... When used in parades, the preference is to have a gold fringe around the outside.

When you’re ready to buy an Oregon State Flag, the Flag Store is here to provide you with the best you get. 

The Flag of the State of Oregon for sale in our U.S. States Collection comes ready to fly (proudly) with properly done seams and details, in modern high-test materials that are built for the ages! 


  • Header tape and 2 metal grommets will keep your flag flying high in any weather
  • Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors that will last
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. 
  • Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge for added stability
  • Hook it to a wall, mount it on a pole, or wave it wildly above your head!