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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual

North Carolina Flag

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North Carolina Flag


  • Relish a high-quality North Carolina State Flag, with the bold red, white and blue colors brightly displayed on both the flag pole and the wall!
  • Get the classic look and feel you want, with modern materials that are built to last!
  • Celebrate Carolina Pride, and wave the flag to show it!

A little history

Although the inscriptions of "May 20th, 1775" and "April 12th, 1776" are proudly displayed on gold ribbons, the first official flag of North Carolina wasn't established until 1861 upon the state's secession from the union prior to the Civil War... In fact, where April 12th 1776 is now displayed, the original Civil War version instead noted the date of secession: May 20, 1861.

That flag remained in use after the Civil War until 1885 when the current design was adopted... The new design said the flag of North Carolina "shall consist of a blue union containing in the centre thereof a white star with the letter N in gilt on the left and the letter C in gilt on the right of said star."

The dates would continue in use with May 20th, 1775, considered the traditional date of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, although the validity of that has been challenged, in particular by Thomas Jefferson... The inscription of April 12th 1776 honors the Halifax Resolves when the colony's assembly authorized the delegates to the Continental Congress to vote for independence.

The rest of the length of the flag would consist of a horizontal red field on top of a white field.

So own a symbol of a great state that spans the Blue Ridge Mountains to Tobacco Road to the Outer Banks with a well-built flag of North Carolina.

The flag of North Carolina is for sale in our U.S. States collection and goes a step beyond the "average" in terms of detail, durability and construction. Enjoy!


  • Header tape and 2 metal grommets will keep your flag flying high in any weather
  • Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors that will last
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. 
  • Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge for added stability
  • Hook it to a wall, mount it on a pole, or wave it wildly above your head!