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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual
Free Shipping Anywhere in the US -- Please note: Due to COVID-19-related issues, Shipping times may take longer than usual

New Hampshire Flag




  • Purchase a New Hampshire State Flag, that’s done right and made for the ages!
  • Celebrate the "Live Free or Die" State and the pride that it’s come to represent! 
  • Get a Flag that looks great on the wall, where you can SEE the details, and equally good on the flagpole! 

A little history

As one of the original 13 Colonies, New Hampshire played a major role in the American Revolution and the beginning of the United States... The coastal state with the shortest coastline (18 miles), it boasts the first American in space -- Alan Shepard.

The ninth state to join the Union, it is a wonder that it didn't adopt a State Flag until 1909... The flag bears the State Seal centered on a blue background.

The seal shows the frigate Raleigh surrounded by a laurel wreath with nine stars... The U.S.S. Raleigh was one of the first 13 warships built for the new American Navy in 1776... The wreath is an ancient symbol of fame, honor and victory... The water beneath the ship is for Portsmouth Harbor and the spec of yellow land is granite, the State Rock, to depict New Hampshire's rugged landscape and her people's sturdy character.

New Hampshire law states: "The state flag shall be of the following color and design: The body or field shall be blue and shall bear upon its center in suitable proportion and colors a representation of the state seal. The seal shall be surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves with nine stars interspersed. When used for military purposes the flag shall conform to the regulations of the United States."

Sadly, one of the state's greatest landmarks, the Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed in 2003. There is a movement to incorporate the feature in the flag and the seal.

When you’re ready to buy a New Hampshire State Flag, the Flag Store is here to provide you with the best you get. 

The Flag of the State of New Hampshire for sale in our U.S. States Collection comes ready to fly (proudly) with properly done seams and details, in modern high-test materials that are built for the ages! 


  • Header tape and 2 metal grommets will keep your flag flying high in any weather
  • Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors that will last
  • Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. 
  • Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge for added stability
  • Hook it to a wall, mount it on a pole, or wave it wildly above your head!