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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US

England Flag




  • A super economical ... yet well-detailed … England flag that’s suitable for displays, classrooms, and flying.
  • Enjoy the bold true colors, with a long-lasting dye-sublimated process that gives you years of service. 
  • Lightweight yet durable polyester makes these flags an easy investment for anyone!


The History:

While most foreigners think there is only one flag of the United Kingdom (the classic Union Jack)... it’s important to realize that there is a deeper history and MANY more flags…

So… The UK’s national flag is actually a combo! - And to make it, they combined the three national flags of the island’s nations. Including this one, THE RED CROSS OF SAINT GEORGE, which represents England and St. George, the patron saint of England.

Still used as England’s flag today (and not representing the wider UK), the Red Cross of St. George dates back centuries and connects with “The Patron Saint of Soldiers” that protected England’s armies in the crusades.

A simple red cross on a white background… this flag has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, especially at sporting events including football matches in the UK.

The English Flag for sale here at The Flag Store is available RIGHT NOW (supplies often limited) in our simplest material: POLYESTER. - Allowing you to purchase several flags, at one affordable price, and set up the wall display or multi-flag installment that’s perfect for your home, school, or business.

The simple poly material, that’s known for its durability and wind-tolerance, gets you a great service life, and lets you buy an English Flag that’s perfect for display purposes inside and out, and VERY affordable.

Purchase your English flag at The Flag Store Today, and enjoy an incredible price… along with our total guarantee!



England flag facts

  • History can be traced back to the Middle Ages
  • Also known as the St. George's Cross
  • In 1606, combined with Scottish St. Andrew's Cross to form the UK or Union flag