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Free Shipping Anywhere in the US
Free Shipping Anywhere in the US

About Us

We’re a small media company that also happens to be founded by avid soccer fans. From time to time, this leads us to buying flags. We’ve bought them at retail, we’ve bought them online, we bought them at a garage sale once, and each time we found the experience lacking. Limited options locally make it near impossible to find flags made from quality materials and online sites are flooded with low quality imports or filled with hundreds of products that aren’t flags. We decided it was time to strike and bring back the Flag Store.

We set out to build a business with a simple goal: Make it easy to purchase quality flags online. We began putting our plans in place and we stumbled on, which to our delight was available for purchase. The stars aligned and our fate was sealed, we were now Flag Store, selling quality flags made in the United States.

Flag Store is about everyone’s passion, whether it’s your country, your soccer team, the time of year or a special event. We offer a wide array of collections that cater to everyone from the constant gardening mom to the just-out-of-the-Army youngest son. Our flags reflect you and we pride ourselves in putting out a product worthy of our customers.

Our basic line of flags come in three different fabrics, polyester, nylon and embroidered. They range in size from 2ft x 3ft to 10ft x 15ft and are shipped from Ontario, California. In the summer of 2019, we launched our Vintage collection of ultra high quality flags that connect with customers like never before. This collection is featured on the website and you can interact with it in Instagram and Pinterest.