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Wild Blue Yonder: Air Force flag flying high for Veterans Day

Wild Blue Yonder: Air Force flag flying high for Veterans Day

By Luke Porco

With Veterans Day upon us, we at The Flag Store are having a sale on all military and veterans flags at 25% off in the month of November. One of the flags available for purchase is the U.S. Air Force Flag.

The U.S. Air Force Flag was adopted by former President Harry S. Truman on March 26, 1951. The flag features an ultramarine blue background with gold trimmings — the sign of the transition from the Air Corps to the Air Force — with the Air Force seal in the center, surrounded by 13 white stars, which represent the 13 colonies. Three of the stars, which are between the bald eagle’s wings, represent the three Departments of Defense: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Under the seal is a banner, which says United States Air Force.

U.S. Air Force flag

The American Bald Eagle inside the Air Force seal embodies the U.S. and its air striking power. The shield is charged with the heraldic thunderbolt, representing striking power through the medium of air.

The Air Force was established as its own independent arm of the U.S. military in 1947 as part of the National Security Act, demonstrating air superiority as a hallmark of the American fighting forces that emerged from World War II. He signed it into law while aboard the Douglas VC-54C Sacred Cow, the first dedicated presidential aircraft and the precursor to Air Force One.

The U.S. Air Force Flag is available now at The Flag Store, in nylon, and ready to be purchased to display your support for the Air Force, and all the servicemen and servicewomen that have served, and are currently serving in the Air Force.

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