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While I Breathe, I Hope: South Carolina flag full of history

While I Breathe, I Hope: South Carolina flag full of history

From humid summers to vacation spots of the low country and 187 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, South Carolina is known for warmth and history.

The South Carolina state flag defines the rich history and contributions to the originals of the United States of America.

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While controversy swirled around South Carolina's use of the confederate flag for decades, the flag established in 1861 remains the true emblem of the state.

The original South Carolina flag was designed by Colonel William Moultrie, as directed by the revolutionary council of safety, during the American Revolutionary War. Col. Moultrie chose a blue field that matched the color of the colony's militia's uniforms. It featured a white crescent in the top left that reproduced the silver emblem on their caps. The word "liberty" lined the crescent, as the phrase "Liberty or Death" also bedecked their caps.

South Carolina flag

The flag famously flew at the fortress in defense of Sullivan's Island on June 28, 1776, where the Palmetto State men fended off the British fleet. The fort withstood a barrage of cannon fire for many hours. Part what helped protect them is the barricade of palmetto logs, which rather than shattering, absorbed the pounding from the cannons. Thus, the palmetto tree was added as a symbol -- and the word liberty is taken off -- to the official flag in 1861.

There continues to be debate over whether the crescent shape represents the moon or a gorget, a piece of armor that hung over one's neck.

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South Carolina facts

  • Flag description: White palmetto tree centered on field of blue with white crescent in top left corner
  • Flag established: 1861
  • State nickname: Palmetto State
  • State motto: While I Breathe, I Hope
  • Date of statehood: May 23, 1788
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