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Where you live can influence what candy trick-or-treaters come home with on Halloween

Where you live can influence what candy trick-or-treaters come home with on Halloween

It’s a time-honored debate: Twix or Skittles? M&Ms or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Which candy do you hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Which candy do trick-or-treaters hope to get? In my household the debate is more about the size of the candy bar, bite size or full size? But that’s a discussion for another blog post.


Wholesale online store culls through tens of thousands of online survey takers and customers each year to give us data on the subject, even breaking it down by state. And oh how the results vary from state to state.

Like who knew that New Yorkers (not apples? or even candy apples?) and Arizonans together prefer Hot Tamales over other candies; Candy Corn for North Dakota, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico; Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for Texans and Oregonians. Heck Candy Corn doesn’t make the Top 5 for the country and Twix doesn’t make the Top 10.

The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors by CandyStore.comSource:


What is in Candy Corn, by the way? Or do we really want to know?

The contrasts are stark. For instance in Texas, as we’ve already shown, the preferred Halloween treat is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but the next most popular candies in the Lone Star State are sugary fruit-flavored snacks such as Starburst and Sour Patch Kids. Hover over your state in the interactive map above to see the top three choices where you live.

So will you conform to your state’s supposed preference or go against the grain and be “that” house on the block? We’ll find out on Oct. 31.

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