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U.S. Army Rangers Lead the Way

U.S. Army Rangers Lead the Way

By Luke Porco

With Veterans Day this month, we at The Flag Store will be having a sale on all military and veterans flags at 25% off throughout November. One of the flags that is available for purchase is the U.S. Army Rangers flag.

U.S. Army Rangers flag

The U.S. Army Rangers are a unit of the U.S. Army which dates back to before the Revolutionary War, when Capt. Benjamin Church and Maj. Robert Rogers formed Ranger units for King Philip's War and the French and Indian War. The U.S. Army Rangers fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and Civil War. They went inactive after that until World War II, when six battalions were activated by the United States. They later fought in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and participated in the attempted rescue of Iranian hostages, Operation Desert Storm, and the War on Terror. 

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The Ranger flag features a black background with a skull wearing a green Army Ranger flat top cap, and two crossed M16 rifles. In between the space of both guns says “Mess With The Best, Die Like The Rest.” 

The U.S. Army Rangers flag is now available at The Flag Store, in polyester, and is ready for purchase to display your support for the Army Rangers, and all the servicemen and servicewomen that have served, and are currently serving in the Army. 

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