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Storm the store for Bastille Day and your French flag

Storm the store for Bastille Day and your French flag

Just seven prisioners remained at The Bastille prison in that summer of 1789, but the structure still symbolized the bitter rule that the Bourbon monarchy. And when citizens demanded the use of arms stored there, they were met with resistance, forcing those citizens to storm the prison on July 14, igniting the beginning of the French Revolution and major change in the European country.

Bastille Day facts
  • Date: July 14
  • First occurrence: July 14, 1789
  • Flag official adoption: 1794

After the Revolution, the newly formed government and citizenry wanted to keep making changes in identity and reflecting the social and political upheaval running through the country and Europe. This included the countries colors and flag and the result is the Tricolor of the French flag we know today. France’s flag of three horizontal stripes of blue, white and red is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. In honor of Bastille Day, you can purchase the French flag here.

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Although there were relatively few prisoners left in the Bastille on that July 14, the prison, which was originally a medieval fortress, had previously held state prisoners, political prisoners and people that the King wanted held for any reason. 

Bastille Day, or know in France as la fete nationale, is celebrated not only in France but in many French and former French territories around the globe. For instance in Tahiti, Bastille Day still caps a two-week long celebration, celebrating the autonomy of French Polynesia.

So get your French flag today to celebrate this day of independence.


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