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Follow The Flag unfurls another flag across Utah canyon to honor veterans

Follow The Flag unfurls another flag across Utah canyon to honor veterans

The site of “The Major” unfurled in a picturesque canyon setting will raise the goosebumps of most Americans.

The largest free-flowing American flag on record, “The Major” began flying across Coldwater Canyon on the edge of North Ogden, Utah, on Saturday. This is part of a tradition that began in 2015 by Follow The Flag, a non-profit organization that brings a community together to produce and raise the flag. No small feat, for sure.

We at are taking a look at Follow The Flag as part of our month of November special honoring veterans with 25% off all military and veterans flags.

“The Major” will fly through Veterans Day Nov. 11 and be taken back down on Nov. 12, ending Flag Week. Events are held throughout the period the flag is flying. This year’s flag flies in honor of local veterans and Major Brent Taylor, mayor of North Ogden and a member of the Utah National Guard who was killed a year ago on duty in Afghanistan.

Here is a story done on the organization by KSL TV in Salt Lake City:


Here is the organization’s mission statement:

We are courageous Americans who are not afraid to share our ideas, to stand out, and to strengthen each other’s patriotism. Flying this huge flag across a 600-foot canyon wall has had far more impact than ever anticipated. The simple idea turned into something much more than “simple”. The feelings standing under that flag at the base of a beautiful mountain are palpable. It becomes a hallowed place. Mothers of fallen soldiers have stood beneath the waving flag and wept. Veterans stood in silence with hands over their hearts, tears streaming down their faces. Most importantly, children were absolutely inspired and excited by the sight. Each one of us has the responsibility to be courageous, to speak out, to have hope, and to inspire patriotism in others.
                                      Follow the Flag Team — Kyle Fox, Ron Nix

For more information about how to donate and more, please go to

Cover photo: Drew Armstrong

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