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Celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and more with Presidents Day sale on US flags

Celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and more with Presidents Day sale on US flags

Sale! Sale! Sale!

When we turn the corner from January to February each year, we get inundated with advertising for Presidents’ Day sales. It is nearly as saturating as the Christmas holiday sale season.

It is in honor of this day, that we celebrate Presidents Day with our sale at For the entire month of February, please find a 29% discount on all American flags. U.S. flags for sale include the original “Betsy Ross” 13-star flag and every incarnation thenceforth until our current 50-star Star-Spangled Banner.

What is now celebrated on the third Monday of February, however, has a longstanding tradition in this country, dating back 220 years. And its initial meaning of honoring our first Commander-in-Chief and President, George Washington, remains the main focus with some additional honors added over time to include Abraham Lincoln and more presidents of the United States.

George Washington

When Washington died suddenly after a brief illness on Dec. 14, 1799, the nation mourned and when Washington's birthday arrived on Feb. 22, 1800, it was naturally recognized as a day of observance of the man most recognized as the person who won the American Revolutionary War and guided our country during its infancy thereafter.

The country kept up the unofficial observance on Feb. 22 until the 1870s, when a movement began to make it a federal, public holiday. President Rutherford B. Hayes signed into law in 1879 for the District of Columbia. It expanded to the rest of the country by 1885, recognizing it as a federal bank holiday along with Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Fourth of July.


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In the 1960s, while a movement began to place federal holidays on Mondays to give workers a three-day weekend (and encourage people to spend money on those weekends), Sen. Robert McClory of Illinois led a movement to add Abraham Lincoln (whose birthday was Feb. 12) to Washington's birthday as a Presidents Day to be observed on the third Monday of February. With it being labeled Presidents Day, it would also recognize the other 43 presidents. When the Uniform Monday Holiday Act came to be, Columbus Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day were repositioned to Mondays, too.

Abraham Lincoln

To this day, some states choose to recognize different presidents along with Washington and/or Lincoln. Retailers embrace the three-day weekend.

So grab an American flag from our collection and celebrate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many others this month.



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